Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wine and Cheese

Photo taken here.
I've developed a liking for cheese and red wine. Honestly, I've no clue what kind of cheese or what brand of red wine I've been devouring for the past three days! All I know is that the cheese is a lot more solid than the commercial cheese we use for spaghetti and it's packaged in a steel container (the round one, kind of similar to the container where we place leche flan in) while the red wine has a stronger kick than what I'm used to that, after finishing my wine and cheese from my bed, when I get up, I feel surprisingly dizzy! Haha! Yeah, I'm ashamed of my alcohol tolerance, damn it! Really lovin' the cheese and wine thing after dinner though. It makes me feel very cultured. Oh yeah!


  1. Cheers indeed! Haha I love Ella Enchanted. But then again, Anne Hathaway can do no wrong. Plus, it was the first time I heard the song Somebody To Love which I now love oh so dearly!

  2. Yeah I agree. She was gorgeous in Alice in Wonderland. Check out Queen's original version of the song! It's awesome.