Sunday, October 10, 2010

Paying bills over the phone can be fun

Photo taken here.
I feel very productive and empowered today. Before Mommy left, she left me the responsibility to pay our bills via express teller which can be done over the phone. And I'm proud to say that I've taken care of 80% of the bills! Whew! But it was fun too, if only because I get to put to good use my being anal. What frustrated me though was the accounting balance sheet. I studied this in college! In fact, I took nine f-ing units of the subject (not counting the extra three I had to take because I repeated). Damn it. So, I came up with my own balance sheet. A very wordy, but very detailed balance sheet. Ha! Take that Accounting Choa (my Accounting teacher who flunked me in freshman year)! Goes to show that everything doesn't always have to be by the book to work out.

Tomorrow, or some time this week, I'll be opening the still enveloped bills, review them, and pay them. I've a feeling I'll be doing the administrative work of the family business someday. I have a strong, strong feeling. And how ironic if it turns out that way, considering the effort I took to stray from all things numbers. Ironic and a little bit funny. Then again, wouldn't kill me to get better acquainted with the digits as early as now, get myself comfortable with the possibly imminent future.

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