Sunday, October 3, 2010

First Post

I wanted to become a botanist when I was a kid. I remember picking leaves from our garden, placing them in a jar full of water to soak under the sun, and then adding alcohol a few hours later. It would then emit this rich, intoxicating smell that I thought was pretty awesome. I was so into plants at that time that I even considered pooling my savings to subscribe to this (now defunct?) magazine called Agriculture! Luckily I didn't. Instead, I continued to spend my allowance on those cardboard X-Men cards.

Fastforward to sophomore high school when I decided to become a journalist. I joined all those communication-related clubs to sharpen my skills. Poetry club. School magazine. Debate. That was a golden time for me, in sophomore year, I mean. It was the time I discovered that I could write. My English teacher, Ms. Carol, gave me my first A and the first A she'd ever given in her teaching career, she said. My heart literally grew wings. I realized that I had a talent, that I wasn't just a hardworker. She said that I should honor my "gift" by making use of it. That turning point pushed me to dream to become a journalist.

Fastforward to after college, and I found myself not in journalism but in corporate communication, a field I never even knew existed and yet somehow, it fit me. I love my job! I get to write, travel, attend events, and rub elbows with interesting and important people like politicians, media men and women (whom I feel are kindred spirits), and hotshot executives. One thing I don't like about it though, is that with all the business writing I'm doing on a daily basis, I feel my creativity being stunted. That would only make my creative writing gurus frown even if I was never really their stellar or favorite student. Still.

I was watching Marley and Me in Star Movies earlier tonight when my brother asked me how hard is it to write a column. I said that it depends on the frequency and the number of words. Originally, Owen Wilson's character only had to write a column twice a week. Then, after readership skyrocketed, his column became a daily. And what really did he write about? Everything and anything! Sigh. How lucky.

I've always wanted to have a column. Starting today, I will write on this blog everyday. This is a challenge I will be undertaking in spite of the busy schedule. A time to write and honor a gift. Here I go!

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